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dNa - dontNear Agility

dotNear has gathered 10+ years of experience developing software using Agile processes, adapting the Agile philosophy to work in a distributed development environment, typical of nearshore / outsourcing setups:

  • Discovery phase: understand the customer and cherry-pick which processes can and should be adopted for their project.
  • Foundation: reveal business objectives, align architecture and functionality to current and projected outcomes.
  • dotNear’s company culture: every sprint should deliver a potentially shippable product.
  • A test-driven development (TDD) environment, that aims for no defects going forward.
  • Focus on the Total Cost of Ownership looking forward, rather than today’s spend. We don’t do well as duct-tape programmers.
  • Dedicated Agile subject matter experts. Monthly training sessions on Agility and Agile process improvements.

We work in a naturally Agile way. We develop code for the sake of the outcome, not for the sake of the code. This helps us be more productive in terms of function points and keeps our code lean.

Agile is our preferred approach to development, and we use mainly Scrum. Pair programming for complex tasks, as well as TDD and CI/CD are part of our usual take on projects.

Unlike many nearshore firms who expect the customer to test their output, testing is an intrinsic element of our product delivery, and we operate in a test-driven development (TDD) environment.

Our teams are all cross-functional.

Team members have specialisms, but work together to optimize delivery time and quality, rather than focusing on their initial functional role and sitting around waiting for their turn to contribute.

Our engineers’ ability to grasp new application concepts and turn them into shippable products is complemented by a true interest in our customers’ success and a focus on the end result, rather than just on the process of delivery.

On many occasions, we turn to our own subject matter experts to get a better understanding on what the market for a specific product might be looking for.

We have subject matter experts on Financial Services, Logistics, Retail, and Travel – to name just a few – both in our nearshore location in Romania and trusted partners in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands.