About Us

Team Resourcing

About Us

Team Resourcing

We build our project teams with existing dotNear employees as well as fresh software talent we recruit from the market.

We have strong partnerships with Romanian universities and will at times hold special workshops in applied software development and agile processes.

When recruiting new associates, we look for integrity, exceptional technical skills and equally exceptional communication skills. We are not interested in providing an average service to clients. dotNear has always differentiated itself by the quality of its people, and will continue to do so no matter how big we grow. We prefer agile software development engineers who have been exposed to working in a multi-cultural environment – ideally having worked abroad in the past.

While our engineers join us because of their exceptional technical and communication abilities, they stay with us because of their dedication, integrity, team skills and focus on outcomes. Our staff are hired to help our clients succeed – not just to make dotNear successful.

By cultivating an environment where excellent technical skills are the norm rather than the exception, our team feel stimulated to improve themselves constantly to keep up with their peers. Great developers feel at home in the company of other great developers, and this is what keeps our team united and stable.

Our philosophy in software talent recruitment: take the time to really know the people you will be working with.

Why do we find better developers more easily than other service providers?

  • We are a Software Development Company, not a developers warehouse. People are happy to work for a company with a heart, that wants to make a difference.
  • Our projects are cool. Whether technically challenging or reaching into a large number of users, our projects make our engineers feel happy and proud of their work.
  • We have a good reputation on the market. We are known to treat our people fairly and to maintain a great working atmosphere.
  • dWe partner with the main technical universities. Today’s students – who are tomorrow’s engineers – get to know about dotNear (our capabilities, expertise and projects), as our engineers are regular guests and teach classes at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. Some of the most promising students come to work as interns at dotNear.

What is it that we look for in candidates?

  • Strong drive to making a difference
  • Soft skills – cultural compatibility / true to their word / language proficiency